LiberPress Literature Award 2018

Almudena Grandes Hernández

Almudena Grandes Hernández was born in Madrid and is a writer and columnist. She graduated in geography and history and is married to another great writer, Luis García Montero. A progressive and rebellious author, she is witty and controversial. She says she became left-wing from reading, which shows the importance and benefits of this activity.

Her first novel was Las Edades de Lulú (1989), which won the Sonrisa Vertical Award (and was made into a film by Bigas Luna). It was followed by: Te llamaré Viernes, Malena tiene nombre de tango (also made into a film), Atlas de geografía humana, Los aires difíciles (Cálamo Book of the Year Award and Crisol Award), Castillos de cartón, El corazón helado (Madrid Booksellers Association Award and José Manuel Lara Award), Inés y la alegría (Elena Poniatowsa Award, Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Award and Madrid Critics Prize), El lector de Julio Verne, Las tres bodas de Manolita, Los besos en el pan and Los pacientes del doctor García, as well as other short stories and numerous articles. She received the 2002 Julián Besteiro Award for Arts and Letters for her lifetime’s work, there are libraries and schools named after her and there have been many film adaptations of her books.

LiberPress Literature 2018 Award

Almudena Grandes has won the 2018 LiberPress Literature Award, which will now be called the LiberPress Ramón Chao Award, for her great literary work, characterised by exceptional beauty and dignity and a rigorous sense of commitment, giving life to so many lives, because of her rich, passionate language, which is both exciting and tender, for her personal and literary love of her own freedom and that of others, for her humanity and unconditional commitment to coexistence, peace and true democracy.