LiberPress Literature Award 2013

Joan Guasp

Joan Guasp (Consell, November 1943). He studied law and philosophy, but left them so that he could devote more time to literature, his true passion. He began by writing short stories and narrative. In 1977, he wrote “Querido amigo”, a play that won second prize in the Lope de Vega Awards, organised by Madrid City Council. He has also written stories for children, his work in this genre including L’illa d’escuma rosa (1988), winner of the Ciutat d’Olot Prize, Piu teulader (1991) and Contar fins a cent (1994), and the short story collection Les contarelles d’en Pere Ferreguí (1979), Eclipsi per a un home sol (1992), winner of the Sant Carles Borromeu Principat d’Andorra Award, and Fa molt de fred al nord de Quebec (1996).


His short narrative works and novels include El cavall (1993), winner of the Ciutat de Mollerussa Award, Concert de comiat (1995), winner of the Fiter i Rossell Award 1995; Aforismes: fogueró de guaspires (1999); El plaer de tot això i altres plaers minúsculs (2000); Quinze querns (2003); L’heroi irònic (2005); Humor meu i Déu meu (2006); Animus iocandi (2009); Jugar o no jugar (1999); La cervesa de Déu (2000); La ciutat transparent, Baltasar Porcel Prize for Narrative 2001; El generalíssimo i altres històries inversemblants però certes (2007), Pare Colom Award 2007; El netejavidres i jo (2007), Falset Short Story Award; La maledicció dels passos zebra, Sícoris Narrative Award, and El vicari de Crist i altres ficcions, Armand Quintana Award 2009.

He has also written works for the theatre: Kabyl (1986); Fumar d’amagat (1987), Teatre Principal Award, Mallorca Island Council; Fills de l’espera (1993), Recull de Blanes Award; Melodia de saxo (1995), Sant Jordi Prize for Theatre; Tructeatre (1985); Oxo, runner-up in the 1996 SGAE Theatre Awards and nominated for the 1998 Ministry of Culture National Prize for Literature; Viatge a la fi del món (1998); Els titellaires (1999); El venedor de cacauets (2001); Viatge a una altra part; Els papagenos, Micalet de València Award; El circ dels somnis (2004), Ciutat de Paterna Award; Bobóbabàbübü i les noces de paper d’estrassa (2006); Irène Némirovsky, Recull Award 2006; El creuer dels etcèteres (2006), Ciutat de Sagunt Award; Homo histrioniqus (2007); L’assassí de Déu (2010), Castelló a Escena Award; La torre Eiffel (2011), Llorenç Moyà Award; L’honorable Matarrates (2011), a satire on political corruption in the Balearics, winner of the Badalona Award; La Coca-cola calenta (2011), Mutxamel Award for short theatrical pieces, and OW, based on the life of Oscar Wilde, Recull de Teatre Award 2013, won by Guasp for the third time in twenty years.


Guasp has also written poetry: Poemes descentralitzats (2002); Riure per no sopar, Jacint Verdaguer Prize 2004; Fills del raiguer, Vila de Martorell Award 2005, and Blai Bonet i del món, Vallès Oriental National Prize for Poetry 2010.


Some of his works have been translated into Galician, Spanish, French and English. To date (July 2013) he has published more than sixty books and has won over thirty prizes. He contributes to a number of publications and audiovisual media in the Balearic Islands and different parts of Catalonia. He currently directs the magazine El Mirall. He also wrote the script for the film Blocao and founded and created the small Museum of Aphorisms, in Consell.


The Government of Catalonia awarded him the Lluís Carulla Prize for Civic Action.

LiberPress Literature Award 2013

Joan Guasp was given the LiberPress Award for Literature 2013 for his immense work, in all genres of Catalan literature; for his defence of Catalan as the language of reason, passion and feelings, and for his kindness and humanity. He is such a strong supporter of Catalonia and the lands where Catalan is spoken that he embraces locations from Salses to Guardamar in a Via Catalana that takes in Andorra and extends as far as Alghero. He is such a good person that his friends say that he has more than one heart. A man, a Catalan, a writer, truly multitalented and very necessary.