LiberPress Literature Award 2014

Llibreria 22

Llibreria 22 is already a legendary bookshop, one of Catalonia’s great little bookshops. It has been part of the cultural history of Girona for the last 36 years. It is directed by Guillem Terribas, a tireless revolutionary and cultural provocateur and a literary gourmet, though we should not forget the efficient, professional work of all the others who are involved and serve and advise customers. It has also published calls for and organised the Just M. Casero Short Novel Award for 34 years.

Llibreria 22 is known for its book presentations (we think that in this respect it may well hold the record for Spain and possibly Europe). During these years, they have presented and commented on books by almost all Catalan authors, many Spanish authors and a number of leading foreign writers. In Girona, a city with many renowned booksellers and wonderful, serious bookshops, Llibreria 22 has become a popular and learned meeting place, a true symbol of the literature market and a space bringing together entertainment, understanding, culture and humanism.

LiberPress Literature Award 2014

Llibreria 22 received the LiberPress Literature Award for the immense literary and cultural work it has done for 36 years, on behalf of the world of literature in Girona, Catalonia and other countries. For its tireless, efficient contribution to the field of literature and images in the cultural world of Girona, in an atmosphere of respect, freedom, cohesion and intelligence.

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