LiberPress Award 2018

Peter Kuper

Peter Kuper, American cartoonist (born in New Jersey, USA)

His politically charged illustrations and comics have appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world and he won 2017 Reuben award for illustration. He is a regular contributor to The New Yorker, and also has contributed to The New York Times, Time, Newsweek, Internazionale, Le Monde, The Nation and MAD magazine, where he has written and illustrated SPY vs. SPY every issue since 1997.

He is the co-founder and editor of World War 3 Illustrated, a political graphics magazine that has given a forum to political artists for nearly 40 years. He is also co-art director of Opp-Art, a political arts website sponsored by The Nation Magazine that posts daily commentary on current events by artists from around the world. Kuper has been a pioneer of social political comics and graphic novels, producing over two dozen books, including Sticks and Stones (winner of The Society of Illustrators gold metal), The System, Diario de Oaxaca, Ruins (winner of the 2016 Eisner Award) and adaptations of many of Franz Kafka’s works into comics, including The Metamorphosis and in his most recent graphic novel, Kafkaesque. He is currently at work on an adaptation of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.

He has lectured around the world and has been teaching comics courses at The School of Visual Arts since 1987, and is a visiting professor at Harvard University.


LiberPress Award 2018

Peter Kuper is the winner of the LiberPress Award 2018 for his superb artistic and human career. Through his perceptive and courageous comics and drawings, Kuper has portrayed and denounced the authoritarianism and lack of solidarity in our society and many aspects of its dehumanisation. And he has done it from platforms that reach and influence the whole world. An essential author and caricaturist, caustic and entertaining at the same time, in search of a world that is more worthy and human.