LiberPress Gesture 2018

In recent times, small ribbons in different colours have been used as a symbol in many parts of the world to indicate support for a social cause or membership of a group that has common goals, generally to express solidarity with vulnerable groups, in support of people with diseases or in defence of people’s rights. Some diseases, like cancer, even have a bow of a different colour for each variety.


Today we have chosen seven: the purple ribbon against the mistreatment and murder of women and against sexist violence; the yellow ribbon in support of the freedom of the Catalans imprisoned as a result of the events on 1 October; the pink ribbon in support of women affected by breast cancer; the white ribbon in defence of peace; the red ribbon in solidarity with those suffering from heart disease and AIDS; the lilac ribbon against Alzheimer’s, and the orange ribbon against animal abuse. But this is only a sample of a much broader range. The world is full of people who have to wear coloured ribbons and this is the gesture we want to highlight. For a world where ribbons are not necessary.