Drawing LiberPress 2018

Eneko de las Heras

Eneko de las Heras, Eneko, is a Basque artist and cartoonist, born in Caracas, Venezuela (1963). He has contributed to publications such as Ciudad CCS, El Cohete, El Nacional and El Diario de Caracas, Interviú, Egin, El Jueves and El Cartel. He has also published ¡Fuego!, a book containing 198 drawings made in the last six years, with a markedly social theme. Previously he had already published another book of graphic humour: Mentiras, medias verdades, cuartos de verdad, a compilation of his earlier work. The style of his drawings is unmistakable and anyone can recognise an Eneko cartoon. He is an artist with an unquestionable social commitment, probably one of the most critical cartoonists on the Spanish scene.


He has suffered censorship: last year he was fired from 20 Minutos because of the drawing we reproduce here. With its intelligent, incisive, acerbic and ingenious humour, Eneko’s work has appeared in several exhibitions, both collective and individual, many of his creations being in acrylic paint. He has participated in numerous exhibitions of the work of cartoonists (Caracas, Quito, Bilbao, etc.), and has won various prizes. Politically, he defines himself as left-wing, but “really left-wing”. He is our cartoonist of the year and we would like him to be our cartoonist for ever.