Author of the LiberPress poster 2008

Joaquim Muntañola i Puig

(Barcelona, 1914) is a cartoonist, comedian, publicist and writer. He started drawing and writing in the magazine En Patufet and other pre-war publications, such as El Be Negre, TBO, Lecturas and Papitu, using the pseudonym “Kim”. He was one of the most popular creators of the post-war period, drawing for La Vanguardia, El Correo Catalán, El Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona Deportiva, Vida Deportiva, Dicen, Don Balón and El Tío Vivo. In the TBO, among other characters, he created “Josechu el Vasco”.

He directed the children’s publication Atalaya, and, with Josep Escobar, drew cartoon films starring “Faquir Gonzàlez”. In association with Francesc Rovira-Beleta he also produced several short commercial animation films. He became enormously popular drawing a giant cartoon every day on a billboard in Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona, and for his humourous talks on radio. He has written novels, articles and short stories, and some highly successfiul plays, including En Baldiri de la costa, Ronyons de recanvi and Ja tenim sis-cents; he has undertaken major advertising campaigns and has written scripts (Charlestón) and credit titles.

In 2000 he was awarded the Creu de Sant Jordi. In 2006 he inaugurated the retrospective exhibition Muntañola, l’art de riure, l’art de viure, curated by Jaume Capdevila (Kap) and Néstor Macià, and in 2007 he won the Premi d’Honor Gat Perich for his career as a graphic humourist.

In 2008 he wrote a book of anecdotes about his life, illustrated with his drawings, (La memòria fa pessigolles, Angle Editorial, 2008).