The Awards

LiberPress was created in Girona in 1999. It was set up with the aim of publicising and promoting what could be called the “culture of solidarity”. Its creation was intended to promote a movement based on solidarity and humanitarian values, which would involve the mass media. Its activities would centre on a series of conferences, dealing with three main issues: firstly, to examine the role of the media in society (their independence, their involvement in solidarity initiatives, and their influence in raising awareness of this aspect of our culture), given their importance and the impact they have on public opinion; secondly, to draw attention to journalists who have stood out for their independent, democratic and socially supportive work; and lastly, this project, with a view to obtaining financial support and increasing media coverage.


LiberPress is a non-governmental, non-profit, humanitarian association, whose objectives include organising talks, congresses, debates, forums, exhibitions, conferences, round tables, performances and any other act of a cultural nature intended to promote a culture of solidarity based on respect for human rights in the world. During the years 1999 and 2000, LiberPress worked to publicise and promote the humanitarian activity of the Associació Humanitària de Solidaritat, which consisted in medical and surgical missions in Moundou (Chad), for Handicap Santé, created by father Michel Guimbaud.


LiberPress is now working and will continue to work in the future to assist with projects carried out by other humanitarian associations, and to promote its own projects. LiberPress aims, therefore, to be a forum aimed at both media professionals and the public that receives information from the mainstream media, in order to promote greater independence, truthfulness and honesty among media professionals and a greater critical sense among the public who receive the information, and to ensure that solidarity and humanitarian values have a stronger presence in all areas of communication, from the written press to the internet.